Why Willy?

Wicked Willy’s Wicks are made with ethically sourced base material and offered with minimal packaging in vessels which are easily recycled or reused. We carefully scrutinize our base product suppliers to avoid soy and palm crops. The key here is to avoid products derived from crops which are harvested in ways which contribute to deforestation. Sadly as the demand for healthier natural products increases so do the numbers of unscrupulous suppliers in the marketplace to beware of for both manufacture and consuer alike.

Natural Candles Basics 101

Wicked Willy’s soy wax candles are made using pure 100% natural soy wax not soy wax blend which often contains very high levels of paraffin wax and other chemicals. Likewise our Palm wax candle s also use pure 100% Palm wax. Willy’s uses metal free simple cotton wicks. Willy delights in presenting a beautiful range of frosted glassware for our candles. Our latest range is of handmade recycled glass vessels and storm lanterns. These are created from 100% recycled glass in a manufacture process that uses up to 25% less energy than that of virgin glass. The manufacturers of this glass have also modified their production equipment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in keeping with the Kyoto protocol. Packaging ~ Willy strives to be ever more environmentally careful and is often found scouring the internet for new ways to minimize the net impact of our product. Our latest favourite tip for packing fill is to use super light popped corn packing! … probably helped by our childhood memories of scrummy fresh cooked popcorm …. Hmmmm

Quality ~ Honesty ~ Integrity ~ Ethical

Willy believes in ethical trading, honesty of our claims and in the basic integrity of our products. We prefer to let our candles shine their own bright luminous light rather than letting marketing propaganda do the talking. We do however “Lurv to tell the world” about the joys of natural wax candle alternatives. By quietly letting people know that just because we have traditionally accepted a product such as paraffin wax into our everyday life does not mean we cannot question if it is necessarily “a good thing”. We also like to help people educate themselves about natural candle alternatives and to help them to read between the lines of the “greenwash”. Pertinent questions to ask of any natural candle supplier are…Is the Soy or Palm wax pure or a blend? …What is it blended with? …Does the wick contain metal? …Is the Soy or Palm wax sustainably grown? …Is the Soy or Palm wax ethically produced? Willy works with suppliers who trade ethically and actively participate in environmentally friendly manufacture and transport methods.

…Aesthetic ~ Ethical ~ Ecofriendly