Why Willy is Wicked

Once upon a time there was a hill elf called Willy. Willy lived in a stone cottage high in the mist shrouded mountains amidst ancient eucalyptus forests. One night as Willy slept in his bed beneath the creaky stairs he was awoken by the sound of his wizard master's voice. Yawning sleepily Willy sat up and listened again. He heard koalas grunting, wheezy human snores, the dreamy yips of sleeping hounds and the mumbles of the Wizard master.

Quietly he slipped out of bed to seek the Wizard whom it seemed was sleepwalking again. Willy climbed the 142 stone steps up to the windswept belfry only to find that his master seemed strangely awake.

As Willy swayed sleepily in the doorway his Master abruptly spun around. The Wizard's wand was aglow and aimed squarely at Willy as he roared …

manga image of willy