Why Soy Candles?

Many candles sold today are made from petroleum by products such as paraffin waxes which are known to release carcinogens and toxins into our environment. Soy wax is an environmentally safe, biodegradable, non toxic product derived from the sustainable resource of Soy beans.

To reflect this we are committed to creating sophisticated, desirable,handmade candles using ethical and environmentally responsible pure natural wax. We believe that with a little care and thought we can enjoy some luxury in our life and still be ethically and environmentally responsible. There are many soy candles available in the marketplace now.

Many of these "Soy Candles" contain up to 70% paraffin and palm wax blended with the soy. The wax in Wicked Willy's Wicks is only pure soy wax, we do not use a mixture of waxes. We take great care to source pure soy wax created from ethically sourced soy beans which are grown free of GM materials and without use of herbicides or pesticides. This limits the impact on the irreplaceable precious forests of South America and Asia. The soy wax we use is created from soy beans grown using sustainable agricultural practices.

Oh and of course Wicked Willy's Wicks uses only metal free pure cotton wicks.


Aesthetic ~ Ecofriendly ~ Quality ~ Handmade ~ Ethical