What's in Soy Candles

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Many candles sold today are made from petroleum by products such as paraffin waxes which are known to release carcinogens and toxins into our environment. Soy wax is an environmentally safe, biodegradable, non toxic product derived from the sustainable resource of Soy beans.

Our Soy wax is an environmentally safe, biodegradable, non toxic wax derived from the sustainable resource of non GM Soy beans. This wax is a 100% vegetable product with significantly lower melt temperature than paraffin wax so it's much safer to use.

Soy Pure Soy wax candles are practically soot free and do not emit black sooty deposits typically seen in paraffin candles. This characteristic clean burn of Soy candles means you are not exposed to the carcinogens found in paraffin candle emissions so the air in your environment is healthier. This makes pure soy candles an especially good choice for those with
allergies and respiratory sensitivities.

The Truth‚ Beauty &Wisdom of Soy

Soy Candles burn cooler and slower than paraffin candles frequently lasting 40% longer than other wax candles. Pure Soy wax candles burn more efficiently, and so become a more economical choice as they typically leave minimal residue . This means more tantalizing fragrance for you and less wastage for our environment.

Finally any remaining wax is easily cleaned up with warm soapy water and of course any spills wash out of fabrics in the same way :-)

The world's greatest wax needs physical beauty to hold its precious essence. Our soy candles are poured into beautiful glassware to offer you candles of beauty which will inspire you to use , enjoy and use again. Which is why we have some ranges designed to take an off the shelf refill.

Some of our glassware ranges we chose simply for their glamorous good looks and these too can be reused with a tea light or perhaps to hold equally lovely jewelry. We strive to source vessels which are simply too lovely to throw away or to clutter up your cupboards.

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Lastly the wisdom of Soy now comes from you…

the choices you make reflect your commitment to respect our precious and beautiful environment…

a gift to those you love…

Your choice …

Aesthetic ~ Ethical ~Ecofriendly