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Soy Candles –To Do or Not To Do…

Soy Candle –To Do

Always ensure your wick is trimmed at between 5-7mmabove the wax surface.
This will help the candle burn more efficiently.
A flame height of less than 20mm is optimal for best candle performance.
To optimize the scent throw of your soy candle always burn your candle for long enough to establish a full melt wax pool before extinguishing your candle. A general guide for this is to allow an hour of burn time for every 2.5cm diameter of candle.
By doing this the scent throw will rise from the melted wax pool as well as from the flame. This also means that your candle will burn all the wax completely and not leave residual unburnt wax around the inside of your glassware.
Keep the wax free of wick trimmings , dust and debris.
To extinguish your candle safely try dipping the wick into the liquid wax with a wick dipper. This immediately extinguishes the flame and avoids smoking and possible
re-ignition. Blowing your candle out may splash the wax .
Always lift and straighten the wick while the wax is still liquid to leave it ready for its next burn.
Situate candles on a level, stable heat proof surface.
Always keep burning candles safely away from children and pets.

Soy Candle –DO NOTS

DO NOT burn candles in draughty areas. This will help your candle burn more evenly.
DO NOT burn soy candles for prolonged periods. Typically a maximum burn time of 1 hour per 2.5cm of candle diameter is adequate to establish a full melt pool but longer than this is not recommended.
DO NOT leave a burning candle unattended.
DO NOT burn candles near flammable objects.
DO NOT move or carry a lit candle.
DO NOT place soy candles on a cold surface as the temperature difference may cause the glassware to crack.
DO NOT burn soy candles to the bottom of the glassware as this may cause damaging heat stress to the glassware and the surface below.