Illumination for The Enlightened

Choices we can make

Essentially Enchanted with Gaia !!

blue bowls

Willy's Enchanted, Essentials & Gaia range have been chosen not only for their aesthetic appeal but also because they are suitable to accommodate our "off the shelf" refills. An especially fine choice for the eco savvy folk who like to save money & save the environment by reusing their glassware again and again in an almost never ending soy candle.

Beautiful, Functional and environmentally responsible!

Gaia Soy Candle Range

Gaia range of candles

This is an environmentally sensitive range of long lasting Soy candles made from Pure soy Wax and poured into handmade Spanish glass vessels which in turn are produced from 100% recycled glass. Additionally this glassware has been manufactured in a process that uses up to 25% less energy than that of virgin glass. Finally this range accommodates an "Off the shelf" refill so that it can continue its life as a soy candle vessel and save you money.

The Nymphs


The nymphs are our 25 hour burn time unscented Pure soy wax candles which have been designed to complement your fine dining experience. These candles are poured into a smaller version of the handmade Spanish glass Gaia vessels and have an average burn time of 25 hours. Even better is that they, like their big sister Gaia, take an off the shelf refill. Great for your dinner parties to provide a scent free ambience whilst allowing the fabulous smells of your cuisine to sing solo :)

Re-use Recycle & Care for Our World

Enchanted Soy Candle Range

Do you like something a bit different?

candles on shelf

….something even a little Enchanting perhaps!
These 80 hour+ burn time candles are hand poured in frosted glass Apothecary jars which have been swathed in unique handmade felt wraps. The effect is a super soft ambience as the flame glows gently behind the frosted glass and silk windows. This range also accommodates an "Off the Shelf" refill.

felt coated candle ~

The Essentials Soy Candles

For the purist who seeks the Essentials only … Pure natural soy wax

Blended with 100% Essential Oil. This range of Soy candles is 100%pure soy wax enhanced with pure essential oils and essential oil blends. This is a totally natural range with no synthetic additives or color agents. These pure Soy wax & essential oil candles are hand poured in beautiful glass vessels which accommodate off the shelf refills. Our Essential oils are meticulously blended throughout the soy wax to create a long lasting and delicate natural scent.