Where's Willy ?

Wicked Willy's Wicks are based in Willunga South Australia, in a place the locals call Willy Hill. Willy of Wicked Willy's Wicks actually refers to Willungas famous "Willy Hill"

Wicked Willy's is committed to creating sophisticated, desirable, handmade candles using, environmentally responsible pure natural wax from ethical sources. We offer a natural candle alternative to enlightened candle lovers of the world. Soy wax has become a favorite of environmentally conscious people because unlike traditional candles soy The Story of Willycandles are not made from petroleum products and are non toxic.. Our Scented Soy candles are fragrant all the way through with great scent throw even when unlit.

For those who have not heard of our beautiful all natural wax candles we love to take every opportunity to assuage your senses and enlighten your thoughts!

So… Look around … Beware!

By the pricking of my thumbs

Something wicked this way comes







… not really! ! But perhaps we will let your nose be the best judge!!

Healthier … Safer … Cleaner … Environmentally friendly … Sustainable Resource … Non Toxic …Vegetable By Product … Ethical … Recycle … Natural… Quality Hand Made in Australia